Hiking in the Atlas Mountains

28 October to 10 November 2005.

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This is the fifth set of Atlas Hike photos. I have concentrated on certain of the walks.
If you want to see the other walks, please have a look at the following pages.

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Stti Fadma and the Zig-zags

Yet again the river had cut through the road.
Using stepping-stones on flooded section.

Looking down at the village of Agadir n'Ait Boulmane.
(During ascent of zig-zags)

Lunch under the trees.
Half-way to Tadraht from top of zig-zags.

The village of Tadraht

Just up and right from previous photo.
(No wide-angle: merging of two photos)

Return journey - the valley stretching NE to Stti Fadma.
Agadir n'Ait Boulmane below us.


Slight problem.
(Half the bridge missing)

We contniue upstream to find some stepping-stones.

Abdelsalam works heroically to get us across the Big Gap.

More impressive work by Abdelsalam.

Looking down on Hotel Amnougour.
Viewed from Touggalkhir.

Above Anins.
View from our lunch spot.

Return journey.
Starting down the path to Aghbalou.

Why the sudden excitement?

Is it this bridge?
(Our replacement for the stepping-stones)

Alternative view of bridge.

Rambler on bridge.
Want to see some really far-out bridges?

Two at a time?

Retail therapy.
Heather investigates the principles of Moroccan marketing.

Aguerd Loop

One of the best walks in Morocco....
...but not today!

It wasn't all wet.
Abdelsalam feels the strains of Ramadan.

Transfer to Gorge de Dades

A coffe stop on route...
...sadly shut during Ramadan!

We did find another stopping place...
...and rather charming too!

A vist to Aït ben Haddou
A pre-lunch stop.

(One of two World Heritage sites on this route)

The Toukhissine Ridge

The bridge was down and we didn't feel like wading..
A cat follows us over the stepping-stones.

Entering Death Canyon

The dry river bed

The light and shade

The chockstones

The scrambling

Finally - nearing the end of the narrows

Up and over the ridge now.
On the way back down to the Vallée de Dades.

The Todhra Boucle

Setting off to do it clockwise


A panoramic view from our high point


The descent route to Gorge de Todhra

Some local children with mule

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