Walking in the Atlas Mountains

15 May to 28 May 2004.

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The first village after the zigzags above
Stti Fadma.
The target for our walk on the first day.


The Aguerd Loop

Looking back down at the start, by the concrete bridge at Tazzitount.


Lunch stop above Aguerd.
The local children visit Dara.


A local lady carries her burden across the stream.


Later, the group sits in the shade at


Abdul Zak - our guide for the tour.


Madeleine on the suspension bridge.
Up the valley from Iraghf.


Mark and Linda.


Ait Ben Haddou

A visit on route to Dades.
The village now has World Heritage status.


Looking down on the center of Ait Ben Haddou.
Looking trough a crumbling wall.


One of the village streets.


Gorge du Dades

A surprise on the first day.
We had not expected to find both bridges washed away.


Crossing the river.
To see the normal crossing, click here.


Entering the section known to Ramblers as
"Death Canyon".


Narrow, steep and floods if there is any rain upstream. Happily, all our leaders keep groups out in rainy weather!
Still, it makes for dramatic photos!


Some parts feel a bit like a cave.
Some of the chockstones are large!


Visit to Todhra Gorge

A party of nomads passing through Boulmagne.


The lower part of the Palmeries below Todhra.
See how only the irrigated areas are green!


Walking through the main gorge.
The road is new in 2004. Click here to see the old road.


There are a couple of hotels in the gorge.
However the effect is softened by the efforts of local herders.


Lady with mule on the path up from the gorge.


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