Walking in the Atlas Mountains

01 Nov to 15 Nov 2002.

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Our Group

The small but intrepid group of adventurers who first began their trip to Morocco by walking out of the airport along the King of Morocco's red carpet.



This is where we should have started our trip. Actually, we did take our time to get here and, by then, the King had departed from his hotel in the centre of the photo and we went to ours on the left.


This is ours: Hotel Adam, situated looking out over the tiny town of Ouirgane.
On the right is the terrace, where we had breakfast and where we sat after returning from walks...


...and this is us having our breakfast.


One of our walks started by going behind a hill in the photo above. There is a valley there which is very salty, from natural salt in the ground.


Now, the area has a salt-refining business with evaporation tanks and a shed for bagging the salt.


The air is thick with salt dust and flashgun photos look like they are taken in a fog.


A better atmosphere is in the village of Toufiste, high on a hill. The photo of Ouirgane was taken from there.
We are having some mint tea inside a village house.


Moving on to the Gorge du Dades

On the way one can visit the village of Ait Ben Haddou
This has been used as the setting for several films.


The setting and the dramatic buildings make it an ideal choice for anyone wanting a spectacular setting.


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