Swiss Mountain Adventure

Tour dates: 23 Jul to 06 Aug 2011.
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A tour based on three centres and linked by railway travel. There was rich variety of walking routes and scenery included on this tour.

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We were lucky - it had rained continously for the previous week.
We just got last-night's snow.

We stopped at the Cabane des Frêtes for Raclettes.
These were prepared by Clare-Lise and Gaston.

The hot cheese is stringy...
...but delicious.

Here you see the Cabane des Frêtes as we were leaving.
Note the chimney.

The following day we walked to the Gypsum Pyramids.
Our return route was via the Lac des Chavonnes.

Next we did a walk from les Diablerets to the Col de Pillon.
Shirley is demonstrating the plaster and sling she had acquired on the first day.

Our route included tree roots and cows...
...both of which Shirley negotiated successfully.

The walk included a picturesque lunch-spot
and some pretty paths.

It did not include a supension bridge...
...but we went over it and back anyway!


A large part of our journey there was done on the Glacier Express.

The carriages are elegantly appointed.
There is much glass to make the scenery easy to view.

Our first walk here started from the top of the funicular railway at Muottas Muragl.
And, no, we did not indulge at the retaurant before setting off!

The route was on well-made and spectacularly-situated paths.

One gully-crossing had a really effective tunnel rather than the usual bridge or ford.

We walked from Maloja to Silvaplana along the Via Engladina.
Fine views across Lej da Segl on the way.

The next day we continues along the Via Engladina.
We used the Signalbahn for St Moritz at the start - then Shanks Pony.

On the way, one cow took a liking to Roy.

A lunch stop beside Lej Suvretta was the high spot of the day.

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