Italian Lakes
D/Ss and D+

Led by Karen Groenewald and Gordon Murray
Tour dates: 08 to 18 September 2011.
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A holiday which took place in hot and humid conditions. The lakes are very beautiful and a lot of the walking is on old roads and mule tracks. The people of those days must have been very tough and fit!

Stresa on Lake Maggiore

A beautiful town on the shore of Lake Maggiore
It has a fine old stone harbour

Nearby the lake ferries come and go

Walk from Stresa to Lesa

The route heads out of Stresa on some magnificent old roads

Our destination was the station at Lesa for our return journey
It shows former grandeur but is now almost deserted

Banishment of one leader

Someone had to have the rooms at 15mins walk from the hotel

Could not complain at the standard of accomodation there!

Monte Mottarone

After walking on the far side of Monte Mottarone, we descended to Alpe Nuevo

The building is sealed and deserted, but the location is perfect

We were lucky to be able to have our lunch there

Monte Zughero

After lunch a small climb took us to the summit of Monte Zughero
Then a long descent to Stresa


After Stresa we moved on to Belgirate
It lies right on a tip of land where the lakes divide

Here is a closer view of the waterfront

Up from San Martino and over to Mezzegra

Both groups went up to the san Martino church
The D+ group continued upwards to reach this fine spot for their lunch break

Lunch there was very pleasant...
...although later there was a plague of mendicant goats

After lunch - a little more climbing

Bellano - Esino Lario - Varenna

A demanding route
with a nice little slab climb

Enlivened by Jack's colourful vest

It was late when we got to the ferry...
...and we had to wait for the next one

There are worse places to wait for a ferry than the beautiful harbour at Varenna!

Monte San Primo

A taller mountain
Our start-point was higher

That gave us some welcome cooler conditions for our last walk