Saxony and Bohemia   D+

Tour dates: 06 Sept to 13 Sept 2009.
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This tour was to have been led by Rosemarie Howis, whilst Joan and I were to have been clients. Due to a little misfortune in Canada, Rosemarie was unable to lead and so I led the tour.

Sun 06 Sept - UK to Germany

We flew in from Heathrow airport to Berlin Tegel airport. From there we had a 2˝hr drive with a stop at a restaurant on on the autobahn. Our Destination was the Hotel Erbgericht in the village of Krippen on the banks of the Elbe.


View from our hotel.
We were on a side-road

The main road through the village.

Mon 07 Sept - Pfaffenstein

After a train ride alongside the Elbe to Königstein our initial walking path looped around a wooded hill.
Here stopping to photograph some rocks.

We ascend the Nadelöhr (Needle eye) to reach the Pfaffenstein.
The ascent is a mix of steps and staircases

The first of many steel staircases.
We will see many more during our holiday!

The ascent is steep.

Without the ironwork it would be a serious climb.

Once at the top we did a short excursion to the Barbarine.
Later we visited the nearby open air cafe for lunch.

The paths back to the cafe included some quite narrow sections.

Tue 08 Sept - Winterberg & Kuhstall

A train then a ferry took us to Schmilka
It is a small village with block-paved streets

We started up an old road

Later the path became a series of staircases

On the way we passed this strange double tree

At the top is a good viewpoint

Not necessarily with good views though

After a cafe stop we continued towards the Kuhstall
The path has a net descent

After a lunch at an open-air restaurant we visited the Kuhstall
It is a huge open-ended cave

It seemed a good place to take a group photo
....for a superior-quality group photo, click here JavaScript needed

Near the Kuhstall is the Himmelsleiter
60%of our group ascended it
Other photos of it

This is the famous Lichtenhainer Wasserfall
Most dripping taps could do better!

40% of our group took a tram ride to Bad Schandau

60% walked back past some of the Schrammsteine rocks...
...and on through Ostrau

Returning to the hotel via the ferry

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