A journey through the Canadian Rockies

Led by Cliff Bass
Tour dates: 28 Jul to 14 Aug 2005.
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Travelling out

A window seat and some daylight while travelling
were welcome features of the flight.

A chance to see the Far North from the air

Family reunion

For us, the first few days were mostly spent
with my sister and her family

Here, on my nephew's boat in Nanaimo.

Vancouver Island / Vancouver

Deer in a suburban street

Going to watch Orcas.
We saw nothing like this  video!

We went South. all the Orcas went North.
Looked at a few Cormorants instead.

On the ferry to Vancouver.
The amazing squeeze between islands on the standard route.

Cruise liner in Vancouver Harbour.
Looks like a block of flats!

Nice feature on the mooring ropes!

A street in Vancouver Chinatown

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens

Manning Park

Our first whole day walk was to Poland Lake

Our second was the Skyline Trail
(An outstanding walk - this photo and the next ten)

A short break


...and butterflies

Spectacular distant mountains...

...and a pleasing foreground

Rich flower meadows

A good spot for lunch

Relaxing at a high point...

...and posing for souvenir photos

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