Walking in St Lucia

18 Jan to 02 Feb 2004.

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A holiday at the Green Parrot, led by Carl Armstrong

Here are two of the cast.


The Green Parrot

The Green Parrot was actually the name of the hotel we stayed in.
Very comfortable and with good food.


It also had a magnificent view of Castries and the harbour.
Not to mention Pigeon Island, where we would spend a day, and a selection of cruise ships (freshly changed every day).


The rooms were comfortable. You could watch humming birds from your balcony.
And there were some interesting items of furniture. (Ask Peggy!)


When we travelled, it was in Lincoln's fine bus.
Well mostly!


Cas en Bas

On our very first walk there were those who had to be picked up by the Rapid Response Unit.


Later they were persuaded to walk.
Largely by the offer of a Roti for lunch at this fine beach.


Later they redeemed themselves by crossing the offending place without the help of the Rapid Response Unit.


Eastern Nature Trail

On the second day we walked along a cliff path.
This is on the east coast, just past Dennery.


A dramatic setting.
Enjoyable paths.


Unusual surroundings.


Comfortable places to perch


Mamiku gardens

Later the same day, we visited Mamiku gardens


At Mamiku, they had problems with Giant African Snails.
We got back to the Green Parrot to find that they had trouble with caterpillars!


West Coast

The next day we headed out past Marigot Bay


Where they had these coconut bird feeders on sale amongst their other souvenirs.



Even today, bananas are still important on the island.
We heard how to take the flowers off and to protect the growing bananas under blue plastic covers.


Cassava Bread

We saw cassava bread being baked and we bought some to eat.
But peeling cassavas for the bakery did not look much fun.


Just down the road we got a good view of the Pitons.
Gros Piton on the left and Petit Piton on the right.


Growing Cocoa

We toured a cocoa plantation.
Where they kept some small-scale production running for visitors to watch.


Our elegant guide showed us many things about cocoa plants.


Flame Trees in the garden matched the colour of her blouse.


Sulphur Springs

Just past Soufrière was the volcanic area.
We had a short look at it.



There is no doubting that these rainforests are the genuine thing.
Note that the only local in the photo is wearing sunglasses rather than an umbrella.


So we managed a few authentic rainforest walks.
Luckily the rain is nice and warm.


Pigeon Island

We did see a neat little land crab as we were on our way there.


Not many pictures here - used camera on wrong setting!
Here is a view coming off the summit and heading for the beach.


Free Day

We went into town by local bus, which was fun in its own right.
Once there, the market was well worth the visit.


Here, one stall holder has lunch while still with her stall.


There are a few restrictions on what you can do in the market though.


The cathedral

The cathedral was worth a visit.
Very light and welcoming.


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