Mountains, lakes and Mozart

20 to 26 June 2004
26 June to 11 July 2004

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One of a cluster of small towns and villages sitting between a ring of mountains.
The panorama was shot from the top of the Ruine Plainberg. Click on the photo if you would like to see it magnified.

This view looks down on the village centre....


....and this one is looking at the Hotel Greiner.


From the hotel terrace you can look out across the green fields showing in the previous photo.

There are a few rather odd things in the village.
One is the BT phone box that one of the locals uses to store their dustbin.


Another is a two-faced statue in the village.
It spurts water from all four breasts!


A rather better idea is the annual Dorf Fest. The first group enjoyed the benefits of this at the end of their week.
Here the main street is filled with tables and a band on the Saturday evening.



Better known in the UK as "Eagles Nest" - a mountain top retreat owned by Hitler.
After a spectacular ascent on a mountain road, one enters by a tunnel into the mountain and then up a lift.


The lift brings you out in the middle of the building.
As you can see, its situation is dramatic.


From the ridge, the views in all directions are spectacular.
Here we are looking down on part of the Königsee.


In the photo, one may just make out a tape sealing off a path.
It is actually the start of a fairly "normal" waymarked path along the ridge.


It is a well made path.
It has seats....


....pleasant sunny terraces....


....good views...
....and has not been discovered by most visitors.


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