New Zealand Grand Tour

02 Mar to 29 Mar 2003.
(Charles Ford led the tour and I acted as assistant)

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Arrival in Auckland

A view from an old volcanic crater overlooking the city


As well as walks to view points around the city, we visited the excellent museum.
An extinct Moa



A national park to the west of Auckland.
Here Lion Rock on Piha beach


Kitekite Falls
At the end of a lovely woodland walk from Piha beach



Whakarewarewa Thermal reserve
New Zealand has tree ferns and hot springs


Here, mineral deposits on the rocks around a clear pool


A geyser spouting steam


Suphur deposits amongst the other minerals


The so-called "Frog Pool" where exploding steam bubbles send jets of mud leaping like frogs.


The Agrodrome

An unashamed tourist attraction.
We watched the show here for nearly an hour and it was entertaining.


We also visited Rainbow Springs.
As well as seeing Kiwis,we also saw this Tuatara.


Whakarewarewa Forest Park

This was to be a photo of a Ramblers group enjoying a walk in the forest.
It looks a little like they are coming to get you!


Aratiatia Dam

At 10am the dam is opened.
Water flushes through the gully downstream.


The Tongariro Crossing

On a free day, most of the group did this well-known walk.
Here starting the route from its western entry near the Mangetepopo hut.


Heading up into the clouds on slopes of old scoria


Marching across the South Crater


The Red Crater leaves you in no doubt how it got its name.


It was here we stopped for a group photo


Then on down towards Emerald Lakes
Passing by smelly steaming volcanic areas


A spectacular descent


Towards the end of the walk the path, as it heads north, passes more active areas at Ketatahi Springs.


The final descent into the bush zone has views of Lake Rotoaira
Today it came into sight as we descended from the cloud layer.

Tongariro Crossing DoC website

Tongariro National Park

Silica Rapids.
A walk from Whakapapa village. Named from the white mineral deposits in the stream.


Taranaki Falls.
Another walk from Whakapapa village.


Crossing to the South Island

We came through here on the ferry.
Seen from the Snout, near Picton, on the following day.


Looking along Queen Charlotte Sound.
View from the Snout.


Nelson Lakes

From St Arnaud one can take a boat along Lake Rotoiti and walk back through the woods along its shore.


Here stopping for lunch on the shore of Lake Rotoiti


Paparoa National Park

The spectacular Pancake Rocks.


A flightless Weka.


The area near Fox Glacier

View of Franz Josef Glacier.


View of Mount Cook reflected in Lake Matheson.


Coloured fungi


A typical New Zealand walking path.
Well-maintained and, in this case, wide.


The termination of the glacier.


Gillespies Beach

Walking beside the surf.



A perfect walk in the woods!
Close to Fox Glacier town.


Queenstown Hill

Walking up


Lunch at the viewpoint


Admiring the view.


Moke Lake walk

Admiring the view


Lunch stop.
Beside abandoned gold-mining huts at Sefferstown.


Continuing along the Moonlight Track.


An important view!
From the bar at the hotel in Queenstown.


Around Arrowtown

Walking up Sawpit Gully


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