Introduction to Alpine Hutting

Year 2003

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Day 2

A neat parade of ramblers


View down to the Hintersteiner See


Lunch stop at the Steiner Hochalm


same from another angle


Day 3 (a.m.) - The Jubiläumssteig

In the morning, before leaving the Gruttenhütte where we had stayed overnight, most of the group did an above-grade walk along a path crossing a steep cliff.
This walk has its own page of photos. You can look now by clicking on this Jubiläumssteig link, or select it later.

Day 3 (p.m.) - The Gaudeamushütte

Viewed from the approach


and looking back


We descended the cliff on the far left


and here we are doing it.



A photo of the standard accommodation
so nobody will get the shock that Jeff had!


Getting ready for sleep


Day 4
Via St Johann to the Stripsenjochhaus

Peaks to North of our wooded path


From a clearing


where we had a pleasant break


Rock climbers near the Schleierfall


and the waterfalls themselves.


Irresistible to some of our party
although the water here seems to be in short supply
Maybe a little artistic licence needed?


The onward route lead through a large cave


passing deep into the cliff


Later we stopped for lunch


Finally we reached St Johann


where many ignored the magnificent church


and investigated the magnificent cafes


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