Austrian Lake District

20 July to 17 August 2002.

To keep the file sizes small, I have used a 200-pixel image.
You can click on this image to see a 600-pixel version in a new window.

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First Group

A highly-organised pose
at Bad Aussee Bahnhof....


....and another in the chapel
at the Altaussee Salt Mine.


Second Group

Now everybody is doing it!



The Naturwanderweg towards the Ödensee
Photo taken before the floods!



A ferry arrives at
the Halstatt Haltestelle.


Looking across the lake to Halstatt.
Ferry boat in foreground.


The Halstatt lakeside


The main street


On the way up to the Rudolfsturm for lunch.
Still most of the 600 steps to go!


Tauplitz Alm

Riding up on the chairlift


Lunch at the Schwarzensee
(Colour scheme courtesy of Tony Humble)


Return path along the shore
of the Steirersee


Altaussee Salt Mine

Sliding down banisters for adults!
Hugh and Peter put on a strange performance.


It's exciting!


Some have studied the technique!


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