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Choosing "Basic navigation" GPS units

With grateful acknowledgement to Garmin©


eTrex® H
circa £55 (£70 with USB adapter)

eTrex® 10
circa £100
Unit dimensions, WxHxD: 4.4" x 2.0" x 1.2" (11.2 x 5.1 x 3.0 cm) 2.1" x 4.0" x 1.3" (5.4 x 10.3 x 3.3 cm)
Display size, WxH: 1.1" x 2.1" (2.8 x 5.4 cm) 1.4" x 1.7" (3.6 x 4.3 cm)
Display resolution, WxH: 64 x 128 pixels 128 x 160 pixels
Display type: 4 level gray LCD transflective, monochrome
Weight: 5.3 oz (150 g) with batteries 5 oz (141.7 g) with batteries
Battery: 2 AA batteries (not included) 2 AA batteries (not included)
Battery life: 17 hours 25 hours
Interface: serial USB
Waypoints/favorites/locations: 500 1000
Routes: 20 50
Track log: 10,000 points, 10 saved tracks 10,000 points, 100 saved tracks

The eTrex H - add another £15 to the price for a USB-converter cable.
(Total price eTrex H about £70 and eTrex 10 about £100)

For the extra £30 you get...........

Data storage in Public Domain format (GPX)
So, direct access to all sorts of track-related software!

Huge increase in number of tracks stored

Much faster downloads via USB port

Higher density of track points

Slightly better screen resolution

Improved battery life

But, beware...........

The 100 saved tracks is a bit of a joke.
Yes it might store 100 if each track is a stroll round your garden.
It they are all-day walks perhaps there is room for 20+ tracks.


Choosing between Garmin's eTrex GPS units launched October 2011

With grateful acknowledgement to Garmin©


eTrex® 10
c. £100

eTrex® 20
c. £165

eTrex® 30
c. £210
Display resolution, WxH: 128 x 160 pixels 176 x 220 pixels 176 x 220 pixels
Display type: transflective, monochrome transflective, 65-K color TFT transflective, 65-K color TFT
Ability to add maps: no yes yes
Built-in memory: no 1.7 GB 1.7 GB
Accepts data cards: no microSD™ microSD™
Waypoints/favorites/locations: 1000 2000 2000
Routes: 50 200 200
Track log: 10,000 points, 100 saved tracks 10,000 points, 200 saved tracks 10,000 points, 200 saved tracks
Electronic compass: no no yes (tilt-compensated, 3-axis)
Barometric altimeter: no no yes
Photo navigation
(navigate to geotagged photos):
no yes yes
Custom maps compatible: no yes yes
Unit-to-unit transfer
(shares data wirelessly with similar units):
no no yes


Mainly whether ability to use (expensive) maps is present

The 20 and the 30 can archive tracks in internal memory, which the 10 does not possess.
In this case the "200 saved tracks" is OK if these are archived tracks. See above for eTrex 10.
Once tracks are archived they are safe but cannot be used for navigation purposes on the GPS. One must attach the GPS to a computer by USB. It should then be possible to reinstate the tracks for navigation, if space permits.

The removable data card holds maps but has no direct access from the GPS.
A missed opportunity for storing extra tracks and information. Useless!