OAV Advanced Rock and Ice Course

Instructors: Peter Habeler and Toni Volgger
Summer 1967
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The Gigalitzturm

Looking east across the roof of the Greizer.
The ridge is broken by a steep face.

This is the Gigalitzturm.
Here we are looking up it from below.

The boot soles are mine!
Piers took the photo as I followed Peter up the Gigalitzturm.

A second photo by Piers.

The end

View from the Greizer.
Toni sets off the final evening.

We followed down the next day.
We shared the path with some Austrian soldiers.

Peter at the head of the group.
We will go to Mayrhofen and then Innsbruck.

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View Photo Set 1/3 | Set 2/3 | Diary